"In The Heights"
Audition Information

Welcome and Thank You in advance for your time and efforts.

To say that this will be a labor of love is a huge understatement! 

This is a CELEBRATION of our rich and diverse culture, of love, of family and of dreams.

I cannot think of a better way to close the MRE season and look forward to sharing this experience with all of you!

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All updates will be posted here , so please check back for the most current information.


If you have any additional questions (after reading through the 411 below), please email me directly 

If you really want to be the script. Very different from the movie and definitely worth your time. 

With Gratitude Always,



All updates will be posted here. The newest information will be listed at the top. We will also date and time any new details so that you know you have the most current information. Check back often  (especially before your audition).




  • 5/11: The role of Benny has been cast. So much talent and so many gracious artists who just jumped right into these very quick auditions. I am grateful!

  • 5/6: 4:30pm

    • Today's casting update. Offers now out and closed for the following:

      • Usnavi​

      • Nina

      • Vanessa

      • Daniela

      • Camila Rosario

      • Kevin Rosario

      • Abuela Claudia

      • Sonny

      • Carla

      • Piragua Guy

      • Grafitti Pete

      • Ensemble to understudy Nina and Vanessa

      • Ensemble to understudy Abuela, Camila and Daniela

      • Ensemble to understudy Piragua and Kevin

      • Ensemble to understudy Usnavi and Benny

      • All Ensemble offers have closed

    • We are still actively casting the role of Benny (see below for breakdown). Must be strong actor/tenor and LA hire. The contract, dates and rehearsal information will not change so please clear all conflicts before emailing with headshot and resume. Audition material is listed below if you'd like to submit that as well. Thank you for helping to spread the word. It takes a village and I am blessed to have you all in mine!

  • 5/4: 8:10pm

    • I want to thank all of you who came to our callbacks yesterday (healthy and masked) and also a special shout out to those of you who were sick so you stayed home to rest and recover and to protect others. We are stronger together...always. Whether live or via video, you sharing your time and your talent meant a lot to us. Whether you were cast or not, you have made your mark on this production and have helped us to create the world, and the Familia of Washington Heights. Thank you!​ 

  • 5/2: 2:30pm 


      • We have more and more reported cases of COVID (and other nasty viruses) in our beloved theatre community; therefore the dance for both Principals and Ensemble will NOT INCLUDE PARTNERING. No one is getting sick on our watch!

        • Ensemble: 96,000 choreo from video and the new section that was taught on 4/4. You will also be learning a new Latin section that will not require partnering. 

        • Principals: CARNAVAL Choreo​

      • We will ask that everyone stays masked throughout their audition as much as possible. 

      • Although I know many of you are checking the site, (THANK YOU!) please help me to get the word out to those who may not be getting these updates. 

      • Lastly, if you are sick or have tested positive in the last two weeks...please stay home and rest! (see our SPECIAL REQUEST section below)​​

  • 4/20: 

    • PLEASE BE CHECKING YOUR SPAM FOLDERS FOR EMAILS. Unfortunately, not everyone has been getting our emails, so check spam and then add us to your contact list. Thank you!

  • 3/16: 11:40pm​​

    • CARNAVAL CHOREOGRAPHY NOTE: You should follow the verbal direction being given and NOT mirror. So if it calls for “Step right foot back” then you should step with your right foot and not mirror it with your left.

  • ​VIDEO AUDITION 911: Reminder (again) that it is preferred that video auditions should be submitted via Eco Cast, but if this is not possible then submit directly ( via Youtube, Vimeo or Dropbox. We delete any emails submitted with direct downloads or google links, etc. Please resubmit all information if you did not originally follow these guidelines. 

  • 3/9: 5:05pm

    • Please read thru content below before emailing. We will only respond to questions not answered here. Thank you!

    • Video Audition Check List:

      • VANESSA, DANIELA, USNAVI, BENNY AND NINA: Please submit Sides, Song(s) and Choreo (Carnaval)

      • ALL OTHER PRINCIPALS: Please submit sides and songs

      • ENSEMBLE: Please submit Song and Choreo (96,000)


      • VANESSA AND DANIELA are the Dancers of the Principals. USNAVI, NINA and BENNY need to be confident movers to pull off the Club Scene​​

      • ENSEMBLE: There will be 2 movers and the rest need to be dancers.

    • Audition Invites will go out a week in advance of the audition. ​​​​

  • FAQ:

    • With very few exceptions, this cast will be LA based. Please let us know, when you send your video audition, if you do not have LA housing. 

    • There will be Equity and Non Equity Contracts 

    • In the event of illness, we are also casting Principal covers (from our Ensemble) and Two Offstage Swings.



McCoy Rigby Entertainment has allied with Broadway for Racial Justice to ensure that you have the ability to work and thrive in a space that is free of racism. In being Allied with BFRJ, McCoy Rigby Entertainment has pledged to elevate the standard of equity and inclusion for BIPOC through active and ongoing protocol changes. ⁣McCoy Rigby Entertainment pledges to unlearn practices that are rooted in white supremacy and to learn, within a relationship of accountability with BFRJ, how to create the safest possible space for you as an artist to do your work. If you would like to see a copy of our protocols, feel free to reach out to us and those can be provided. 


  • In order to keep our Artists and team safe, we will require a fully-vaccinated workplace, which means that all members of the company, actors, crew members, musicians, and staff must be fully vaccinated. (two vaccinations and a booster shot). There are no exceptions.

  • We will also require weekly testing,.

  • All Actors who attend Live Auditions need to be fully vaccinated. We will be asking for proof of vaccination.


Rehearsal: 5/17 Open: 6/3 Close: 6/26


Equity COST $945 weekly

Non Equity: $510 weekly. with EMC points.



Days and time are subject to change, but this is more than likely what our schedule will be:


REHEARSALS: La Mirada at the Rehearsal Hall (15519 Phoebe Avenue) 

Until tech week, rehearsals will be from either 11am-7pm or 12pm to 8pm Tuesday through Friday.
Rehearsals have been tentatively set for 10am to 6pm or 11am-7pm on the weekends

PERFORMANCES: Six show week: Thurs. at 7:30pm; Fridays at 8pm; Saturdays at 2pm & 8pm; Sundays (matinee and evening)


Please audition ONLY if these dates and terms are agreeable to you.

Please clear any/all conflicts with Flores Casting prior to your audition

Thank you!


There has been a surge of COVID cases in our theatre community and, as always, we want to do our best to protect you at all times; therefore, we are asking anyone who is not feeling 100% healthy or who has tested positive in the past two weeks to please email me so we can discuss video options in lieu of a live final callback. We have been casting via video more and more, so I can absolutely assure you that submitting video will not affect your chances of being hired. 


We are also encouraging you to please wear your masks in the lobby and keep them on until asked to sing/read. 


Thank you for your understanding. This show is a true celebration of family and, as always, our family looks out for one another…in sickness and in health. One way or another, I look forward to sharing your beautiful work with everyone this Tuesday!


With Gratitude,


TUESDAY, MAY 3RD: FINAL CALLBACKS (Tentative Timeframe and Details)

  • LOCATIONLa Mirada Rehearsal Hall 15519 Phoebe Avenue La Mirada (plenty of street and lot parking)


    • Tom McCoy and Cathy Rigby (Producers), BT McNicholl (LMT Producer), Benjamin Perez (Director), Marissa Herrera (Co-Director/Choreographer), Brent Crayon (Music Director), Julia Flores (Casting Director), Talia Gloster (Casting Assistant/Reader) and Ryan O'Connell (Accompanist)



    • We invite you to wear something that would be specific to your character in Washington Heights. Dress to impress and EXPRESS who you are.

    • ENSEMBLE: In addition to the note above, please dress in something that you can move freely in and shows your personality and unique style. Shoes- Sneakers (Female identifying may also bring character shoes if you have them) 


    • For Auditions on 4/28 and 5/3: PLEASE CHECK THE DROPBOX FOR AUDITION MATERIAL.

      • The material we will start your audition with will be marked with an *.

      • Please be prepared with the other listed material, but this is our start/focus/what we will do for sure. 

    • With the exception of Usnavi, Carla and Ensemble. (Choreo), all audition material will stay as is has been for previous auditions

    • NEW VOCAL MATERIAL for CARLA and USNAVI is in the Dropbox ​

  • CALLBACK TIMELINE (This is an estimate of the day's Masterplan. Changes may still be made.)

    • Usnavi, Vanessa, Nina, Benny:

      • ​11am to 12:45: Individual appointments to sing, read. We will invite some to the Principal dance call. 

      • 12:45 to 1:15 Partnering/Dance specific roles as needed. 

      • There will be partnering; however, your comfort level is important to all of us., so if you do not feel comfortable with partnering at the audition, please reach out before May 1st and we will make alternate arrangements. This will not affect casting decisions in any way. ​
    • Covers for Usnavi, Vanessa, Nina and Benny:

      • 12:45 to 1:15: Start with the Principal Dance call ​

      • 1:15 to 1:45 Individual appointments to sing and possibly read

    • 1:50 to 2:15 Abuela Claudia   

      • Individual appointments to sing, read.  

    • 2:15 to 2:40 Camila 

      • Individual appointments to sing, read.

    • 2:40 to 3:00 Piragua Guy

      • Individual appointments to sing

    • 3:00 to 3:20 Carla

      • Individual appointments to sing, read.

    • 3:20 to 4pm Daniela 

      • Individual appointments to sing, read. We will invite some to the Principal dance call that starts at 4pm

      • Principal Dance Call: 4pm to 4:30pm

    • Covers for Daniela, etc.

      • 4pm to 4:30pm: Start with the Principal Dance Call​

      • 4:30pm to 5:20 Individual appointments to sing and possibly read

    • 5:20 to 6pm Sonny

      • Individual appointments to sing, read.

    • ENSEMBLE! (Last but FAR from least...)

      • Warm and ready to dance at 6pm please and thank you!

      • 6pm to no later than 7:30pm

        • Dance as a group first (mix of old and new choreo) and then we will ask some to stay to sing and possibly read. 

        • New Choreography and the 96,000 (choreography from video plus the new section taught on 4/4)

      • 7:30 to no later than 8:30pm

        • Sing and possibly read




    • VANESSA, DANIELA, USNAVI, BENNY AND NINA: Please submit Sides, Song(s) and Choreo (Carnaval)

    • ALL OTHER PRINCIPALS: Please submit sides and songs

    • ENSEMBLE: Please submit Song and Choreo (96,000)

  • PLEASE...

    • Upload audition video to Eco Cast all in one link

    • Include

      • A full body view. You can introduce yourself or chat while you do this so it's not 100% awkward ;)

      • Requested audition material (include choreography when applicable)

      • Contact Sheet 

      • Headshot and Resume​ (if not sent via Eco Cast)

    • If you are emailing your video audition, please include the role you're auditioning for in the subject line of the email and in the body of the email.


IN THE HEIGHTS is the story of 3 days in the tightly-knit community of Washington Heights, on the island of Manhattan. During the hottest part of summer, the Fourth of July weekend, we get to know the neighborhood and its people. Universal stories of love, hope, faith and remembering where you came from are woven into the story. Everyone is reaching for their “American Dream” and must sacrifice something to get it.


NOTE: The role of Kevin Rosario has been cast; seeking Ensemble Artist to cover this role and others.


USNAVI DE LA VEGA (25-early 30’s)

Latine/ Afro-Latine. Male Identifying or Non-Binary actor to portray Male Identifying Character. Youthful, awkward, sincere owner of a convenience store. Urban, articulate, funny, harbors a crush on the local salon beauty. Not a “cool stud”. Narrator. Sings, Raps and strong mover. Tenor/Bari, sings up to G4



Latine/ Afro-Latine. Female Identifying or Non-Binary actor to portray Female Identifying Character. Fresh, strong and smart. Nina is the “star” of the neighborhood; The community looks to her as a symbol of success, as someone who has achieved great things outside "the Heights". She is conflicted about telling her parents that she quit school months ago. Strong singer/strong mover. Mezzo/Sop, strong belt mix sings up to F5


VANESSA (20-28)

Latine/ Afro-Latine. Female Identifying or Non-Binary actor to portray Female Identifying Character. Sexy, street-wise, stylist at the local salon. Vanessa has a troubled home life and wishes to get out/ experience something better. Tired of all the whistles and catcalls, looking for a true love. Strong singer and strong mover. Mezzo/Sop, strong belt mix, sings up to E5


BENNY (20-26)

Black. Male Identifying or Non-Binary actor to portray Male Identifying Character.  Strong, smart, blue-collar worker at the Rosario Taxi dispatch. Very ambitious, urban, and full of big dreams. Handsome, bright, and harbors a crush on the “boss’ daughter”. Strong singer and Rapper. Mover. Tenor, sings up to Ab4


SONNY (20-26)

Latine/ Afro-Latine. Male Identifying or Non Binary actor to portray Male Identifying Character.  Young, smart-alecky, wise and dry cousin to Usnavi. Tough and smart, Sonny has big plans for himself and the neighborhood. Great comedy chops. Sings upper range and strong Rapper. Mover. Tenor, sings up to Bb4


ABUELA CLAUDIA (to play 60-70)

Latine/ Afro-Latine. Female Identifying or Non-Binary actor to portray Female Identifying Character. Sweet, caring, and supportive matriarch of the neighborhood. Takes care of all the young people, and regularly plays the lottery. A wise character with strength, faith, passion, and a long memory. A powerful and charismatic story-teller. Alto, strong belt, sings F#3 to E5



Latine/ Afro-Latine. Female Identifying or Non-Binary actor to portray Female Identifying Character. The smart, caring “business” half of the Rosarios. Camila takes care of the bills and the business, but usually holds her tongue in the presence of her husband. Dynamic with a powerful voice and presence that gets unleashed when she’s had “ENOUGH”! Alto, sings from G3 to B4


DANIELA (37-46)

Latine/ Afro-Latine. Female Identifying or Non-Binary actor to portray Female Identifying Character. Sassy owner of the local hair and nail salon. Loves to gossip, has a tough exterior, but enjoys being “The Boss”. Daniela has fought to create her own business, but cannot compete with the rent hikes as the neighborhood gentrifies. Great comedy chops and timing. Think Miranda Priestly meets Sofia Vergara. Strong Mover (Latin dance styles a plus). Alto, sings from G3 to C5


CARLA (20-30)

Latine/ Afro-Latine. Female Identifying or Non-Binary actor to portray Female Identifying Character. Bubbly, funny, sidekick to Daniela. Very sweet and religious. Supportive friend to the salon trio. Naïve. Good at playing “dizzy or bird-brained”. Great comedy chops. MOVER.



All ethnicities, Male or Female Identifying or Non-Binary actor to portray Male Identifying Character.  Young, urban, slick graffiti artist of the neighborhood. Slightly shady, but with a good heart. He/She/They don’t see their “art” as a bad thing, Graffiti Pete wants to make a difference while making a living. Strong dancer (hip-hop, breaking and Latin dance styles. Acrobatics/tricks a plus), RAPS WELL



Latine/ Afro-Latine. Male Identifying or Non-Binary actor to portray Male Identifying Character. The charismatic town-crier. Sells shaved ice from a cart and reflects on how the people in the neighborhood “keep scraping by”. MOVER (Latin dance styles a plus). Tenor, sings up to A4



Female and/or Male Identifying or Non Binary actor/dancers. Open to all ethnicities and body types. Interesting, diverse, and well-rounded people of the community who play an important role creating this dynamic world of Washington Heights. Each has their own story to tell. Some, but not all, Ensemble Artists will cover principal roles as well. Versatile and strong actor/dancers (hip-hop, contemporary, Latin dance styles, acro). Many (but not all) will be strong singers as well.