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"The Wickhams: Christmas at Pemberley

Welcome to another lovely journey to Pemberley with Miss Jane Austen!

I have been looking forward to sharing this time with you and my friends at Ensemble Theatre Company. 

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  • General FAQ:

    • There will be 5 Equity Contracts and 2 EMC or Non Equity Contracts​

    • No roles have been precast

    • EMC points will be given 

    • Housing will be provided. 

    • Information regarding our Live Callback Auditions on October 11th will be posted at a later date. Please check back.

    • If you do not receive an invitation but would like to be considered, you are more than welcome to submit the requested material (see below). 

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      • If you have not submitted for the show via Breakdown Services (agent or actors access), then please do so and then email Julia with your request to be added to our Eco Cast Invite list. video@Florescasting.com


1st rehearsal: November 9th  First public performance: December 2nd   Opening: December 4th  and Close: December 19th


Equity SPT $638 weekly

Non Equity:

  • Non-Equity Artists will be paid $13 per hour. That should average about $450 per week. But it will be based on number of hours in the week.

  • EMC points 


  • In order to keep our Artists and team safe, we will require a fully-vaccinated workplace, which means that all members of the company (all actors, crew members and staff) must be fully vaccinated. 

  • We follow all County and Union guidelines regarding masks and safety protocols.

  • All Actors who attend Live Callback Auditions need to be fully vaccinated.



Rehearsals are typically Tuesdays – Sundays 10 am – 6pm (except tech), with performances Tuesdays – Sundays, 7 performances per week

APlease audition ONLY if these dates and terms are agreeable to you.

Please clear any/all conflicts with Flores Casting prior to your audition info@florescating.com

Thank you!


  • For your safety, our initial auditions will be via video.  Callbacks will be live on October 11th.

  • Video before the end of day September 20th would be appreciated. 

  • All Submissions Should Include the Following:

  • We will be using Eco Cast for video viewing. Please submit yourself via Breakdown Services, and then we will extend the invite from there. If you have any questions, email Julia Julia@Florescasting.com


We will have a dialect coach but please prepare their scenes with the appropriate accents.  Pemberley, while fictional, is in Derbyshire, in the East Midlands of England. 


  • Cassie and Brian would have Derbyshire accents.  Here’s a link to get folks on the right track for a Derbyshire accent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSDk0IRyN0Y

  • For Mrs. Reynolds, Michael Butler recommends a Scottish accent.  I think it adds humor to her brusqueness.  But she could also be from Derbyshire (see link above). The accents are close and either work.

  • For the “upstairs” folks Darcy, Lizzy, Lydia and Wickham basic RP (Received Pronunciation), the accent associated with education and privilege, would be appropriate.  Wickham’s speech might occasionally show traces of his upbringing as the son of a steward at Pemberley but in his ambition for the privileged life, he would have trained himself up.



As the playwrights say in their notes, “The play works best when the pacing is swift.”  These are smart, verbal people who use language to convey practically everything. Pacing and cue pick-up are your friends in a play like this; actors should strive to speak with the speed and ease of thought.  And while the play is essentially faithful to the tone, spirit, style and period of Jane Austen’s work, the playwrights have loosened things up a bit, allowing the characters to be just a little more open and directly expressive. 


The housekeeper at Pemberley.  50s to mid 60s. 

Tough, no nonsense, and utterly capable, but with great warmth under her tough love exterior.  She has a strong, motherly soft spot for Wickham, whom she practically raised.  Mrs. Reynolds pretty much drives every scene she’s in, but actor must be able to find the funny, and even the tender in those scenes as well. 

I recommend a Scottish accent for her (adds humor to her brusqueness), or Derbyshire.



Act 1, scene 1, p6-8: complete scene



Act 1, scene 3, p24-26, DARCY: “Mrs. Reynolds, might I have a moment…” through p26, MRS. REYNOLDS: “…but I do understand where they came from.”


LIZZY (Mrs. Elizabeth Darcy)

Mistress of Pemberley.  25-35.

Cheerful, curious, spunky, independent and of course, very intelligent.  Lizzy tends towards happiness even when disappointed; she’s often amused or delighted by things that would vex less capable characters.  It’s part of what makes her an attractive heroine.

Dialect: RP



Side #1: Act 1, scene 2, p9, Top of Scene through p10, LIZZY: “Oh my goodness”

Side #2: Act 2, scene 2, p72, Speech beginning “I’m not sure why this is a shock to anyone” through p72,“I know.”



Act 2, scene 2, p70, LIZZY: “Because we should not speak of this upstairs” through p72, “I know.” (Strikethrough Darcy’s reading aloud of letter bottom of p71.  Reader can quickly take in contents of letter and cut to “No.”)



The new housemaid, a village girl, an orphan who came from less than nothing.  20's

Determined, feisty, with a sharp and ready sense of humor, she values hard work and independence.  

Dialect: Derbyshire



Side #1: Prologue, p4, BRIAN: “Cassie? My God, is that you?” through p5, CASSIE: The day you’re a gentleman is the day I’m the Queen.”

Side #2: Act 1, scene 4, p30, BRIAN: “What is it you want, then?” through p30, CASSIE: “You are clearly in need of instruction.”



Act 1, scene 4, p27, BRIAN: “You’re up late.” through p30, CASSIE: “You are clearly in need of instruction.”




Lizzy’s younger sister.  25-30. 

Flirtatious, flighty and funny, smarter than she lets on but with a major case of denial about her marriage.  For Lydia, happiness is just a matter of adding an exclamation point to as many statements as possible.  Transforms over the course of the play from the “silly girl” that Wickham married to a strong, brave woman finally taking control of her life.  Need an actress with funny bones who is adept at turning on a dime from beat to beat.

Dialect: RP



Act 1, scene 3, p18, Top of Scene through p20, LYDIA: “Every one!”



Act 2, scene1, p60: Top of Scene through p62, LYDIA: “…and French people!”




A footman at Pemberley.  20-28.

Bright, naïve, earnest and cheerful, very appealing but a bit too impetuous in speaking his thoughts.  A budding inventor and enthusiastic problem-solver who doesn’t always get what the problem is.  He grew up on the estate after his parents died and was practically raised by Mrs. Reynolds.  Younger than Wickham by a couple of years, but old enough to have played with him when they were kids.

Dialect: Derbyshire.



Side #1: Act 1, scene 1, p6-8: complete scene

Side #2: Act 1, scene 3, p23, DARCY: “What’s this?” through p23, BRIAN: “…biscuit..maker...thing.”



Act 1, scene 4, p27, top of scene through p30: BRIAN: “Cassie.”



Late 20s to 35. Dialect: RP. Master of Pemberley.  Two years of marriage to Lizzy Bennett have, if not transformed him entirely from the proud and brooding Darcy, certainly softened his notorious edges.  He is clearly smitten with his bride and admires her enormously.  He is happy being in love.  The new Darcy is a bit more flexible, especially in the face of pushback from Lizzy and Mrs. Reynolds.  Except when it comes to Wickham.  That is a trigger that brings out the old Darcy.



Side #1: Act 1, scene 2, p9, Top of Scene through p10, DARCY: “…What would they say?”

Side #2: Act 1, scene 8, p55, DARCY: “Someone.  Explain, please.” Through p56, DARCY: “I will tirade as long as I see fit.”


CALLBACKS (slightly longer versions of same scenes):

Act 1, scene 2, p9,Top of Scene through p10, DARCY: “…What would they say?”

Act 1, scene 8, p54, DARCY: “Mrs. Reynolds, you’ll not believe me but…” through p57, MRS. REYNOLDS: “Yes, mine.”


Late 20s to 35. Dialect: RP.  Grew up at Pemberley, son of the former steward.   
Charming, rakishly handsome, a bold liar, and unrepentant womanizer, yet capable of absolute sincerity, when needed.  Very nimble at staying just barely ahead of trouble.  He is genuinely hurt over what he perceives as his mistreatment at the hands of Darcy.  He has a deep and genuine attachment to Mrs. Reynolds.



Act 1, scene 5, p36, WICKHAM: “Brian.” through p38, WICKHAM: “I don’t care. Good night.”



Act 2, scene 1, p59, Top of Scene through p62, WICKHAM: “To our new life together.” (We could strikethrough some of Lydia’s speech on p61, let’s discuss)