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Audition Information
"The Body's Midnight"

This play. This team. What a wonderful way to start our 2024!

I am grateful always for your time and efforts and I value your contribution to what

I am sure will be a glorious process.

The details below are now updated (as of 1/26).

All updates will be posted here, so please check back for the most current information.


This website is designed to make this audition process as transparent as possible.

If you have any additional questions (after reading through the 411 below),

please email me directly 

With Gratitude Always,

Julia Flores


All updates will be posted here. The newest information will be listed at the top. We will also date and time any new details so that you know you have the most current information.

  • MARCH 1st 1st: 6pm

    • Just checking in with one last update before the weekend! Still in a holding pattern for a few roles. Below are the updates. SOME roles have been cast, but not all. I will keep you posted and thank you again for your patience!

      • CAST:

        • Anne u/s​

        • Chorus One (principal)

        • Chorus One (understudy)

  • FEBRUARY 24th: 6:45pm


      • ​​THANK YOU all for being with us this week! Your love for Tira's beautiful script and the time and care you put into these auditions is appreciated.

      • OFFERS: The creative team is heading into a busy week, but it's our hope to have all offers out (understudies as well) before the end of this month. Meanwhile, please feel free to reach out if you get antsy and want/need to check in.  I totally understand how frustrating the "not knowing" time can be so please know that I am here to support you however I can.

      • I will post updates here as roles are cast.




Please visit Boston Court's website for their Land Acknowledgement and Anti-Racist Ethos


  • We will be adhering to all current Health and Safety and AEA requirements. 


First Rehearsal: 3/19 Tech Begins: 4/11-4/14

Previews: 4/18, 4/19. 4/20, 4/21, 4/25 and 4/26

Opening: 4/27 Closing:5/26

Possible Two Week Extension through June 9th


  • AEA Los Angeles 99-seat Theatre Agreement. Actors are paid $18.00 per hour.

    • ​There is no minimum on the 99-seat contract. It is $18/hour based on actual call.

  • There is no pension and health under this agreement. 36 hours of rehearsal maximum / one,  and occasionally two days off per week



  • Rehearsal Schedule: TBD but generally weeknights and weekend days, some days possible depending on actor availability. 36 hours rehearsal weekly maximum/one, and occasionally two days off per week.

  • Performance Schedule: Generally, Mondays off. Performance schedule spans Thursdays through Mondays (occasional) with Thursday morning student matinees, then generally Fridays, Saturdays at 8, Sundays at 2, (occasional Mondays at 8).


Please audition ONLY if these dates and terms are agreeable to you.

Please clear any/all conflicts with Flores Casting prior to your audition

Thank you!





  • Please clear ANY AND ALL conflicts with Julia Flores BEFORE you audition

  • Please bring a stapled copy of your Headshot and Resume

  • Please bring a copy of your Actor Contact Sheet

  • Please bring audition material for the role(s) you have been asked to read and any others you are interested in

  • PARKING AND ENTRANCE:  Parking will be in the lot behind the theatre (driveway is north of the theatre). Please use the lobby entrance (on Mentor. You’ll see it as you drive into the driveway). 


    • After 2+ years of being mostly on camera, many actors have let their stage muscles slacken a bit. I'm talking about the size of your voice (both volume and placement) and the size of your bodies. Take up space. Use your full instrument. 


  • Please clear ANY AND ALL conflicts with Julia Flores BEFORE you audition

  • A gentle reminder that it is preferred that video auditions should be submitted via Eco Cast, but if this is not possible, then you may submit directly ( via Youtube, Vimeo or Dropbox. We will not view auditions submitted with direct downloads or google links, etc. 

  • If you are emailing your video audition, please include the role you're auditioning for in the subject line of the email and in the body of the email


    • ​A full body view. You can introduce yourself or chat while you do this so it's not 100% awkward ;)

    • Requested audition material (will be in Dropbox file)  

      • Feel free to send material for any/all roles you are open to​

    • Contact Sheet (will be in Dropbox file)

    • Headshot and Resume​ (if not sent via Eco Cast)



DATES:  Wednesday February 21st and Thursday February 22nd

LOCATIONBoston Court Theatre (70 North Mentor in Pasadena. Parking lot is behind the theatre. Please use the the main entrance on Mentor and make yourself comfortable in the lobby.)

Who Will Be There: 

Jessica Kubzansky (Artistic Director/Director), Stefanie Black (IAMA Artistic Director), Tira Palmquist (Via Zoom.Playwright), Margaret Shigeko Starbuck (Assoc. Artistic Director/BC), Margaux Susi (IAMA Associate Artistic Director), Cara Greene Epstein (IAMA Executive Director) and Julia Flores (Casting Director) 



Rehearsal start date 3/19 (first week of rehearsal/table read)
Attend the designer dress (~3 hours) 

Attend other run throughs as scheduled
Attend 4 of the 7 previews (3-4 hours each, depending on final length of show) 
We anticipate at least 2 understudy rehearsals, 5 hours each, after opening 
Watch one show per week once the show opens to stay familiar with it (3-4 hours each time, depending on final length of show) 
Be on call to fill in for sick or otherwise absent cast members. You do not need to be at the theatre. 


The understudies will be paid for all hours worked at a rate of $18.00. With the hours outlined above, we anticipate minimum compensation for each understudy of around $1000, possibly more depending on how many understudy rehearsals are held and when/if you go on.


About the Play:

What does it mean to get lost in America? Anne and David are set to find out as they embark on the perfect American road trip. They have a map, an impressive list of sights to see, and an itinerary that should put them in St. Paul just in time for the birth of their first grandchild. But soon their perfect plan is derailed by a troubling diagnosis and the beautiful impermanence of the world around them. As Anne and David veer off of their intended path, they are forced to

grapple with the unavoidably messy and breathtaking journey of their lives.   


ANNE (Female) 55-ish: ROLE HAS BEEN CAST. We will be auditioning for understudy. A writer. Fierce, independent, quick, witty-- and stubborn. Passionate, curious, a woman who has prided herself on self-reliance and is resentful if she needs help from anybody. Attuned to the beauty and the peculiarity of the daily world, and eager to engage with all of it.


DAVID (Male) 55-ish: Anne's husband, an academic. Quick and witty and intellectual, with a sense of humor. A guy who feels deeply though he masks it, sometimes, with his clever banter. A man with a slow burn, eager to roll with the punches, but maybe not always as sanguine as he first appears. Prides himself on his relationship to maps. Passionate about his family.


CHORUS ONE (Female) 30s: Anne and David's daughter Katie. A passionate, humorous young woman, somewhat volatile, possibly exacerbated by her advanced pregnancy. Her passion hides a tender, bruise-able heart.

Plus: Windy, Ranger Candy, Ranger Wendy, Ranger Andy and Dr. Milner (the real version), plus other medically-adjacent voice-overs. Most of these characters have great capacity for calm, humor, passion, anger, volatility, and the ability to be far-seeing mystics.


CHORUS TWO (Male) 30s: Wolf (Katie's partner) The calm to Katie’s passion, loving, humorous, and strong.

Plus Franklin, all the Franklin analogues (Wilson and Grant) as well as Dr. ...Milner? (the unreal version) Most of these characters have great capacity for calm, humor, passion, anger, volatility, and the ability to be far-seeing mystics.


UNDERSTUDIES: We will be casting understudies for all roles listed above. 

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