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The REV Theatre Company

"EVITA" and "Into the Woods"
Audition Information

We ALWAYS look forward to working with Brett Smock and his incredible Creative Team and Theatre Family.

We are grateful to you for your time and efforts.

We are here to support you in whatever way we can and this site will be a big part of that support.

All updates will be posted here , so please check back for the most current information.


If you have any additional questions (after reading through the 411 below), please email me directly 

With Gratitude Always,

Julia Flores


All updates will be posted here. The newest information will be listed at the top. We will also date and time any new details so that you know you have the most current information.

  • 1/27: 5pm

    • 2:30 to no later than 3:15 Dance call for Ensemble. You will either be singing before the dance call or afterwards. Comfortable clothes and flats or tennis shoes. Thank you very much.

  • 1/24: 1:45pm

  • 1/22: 4:15pm

  • 1/16: 1:45pm

    • Casting Status Update: We are fully booked and adding any additional Artists to our wait list. Our invite list is shorter than usual since we only have the one day; thank you for understanding.

    • You will be considered for all roles on 1/27.

    • Callback Info:

      • Callbacks will be on Tuesday, 1/31 (same location). 

      • Although most actors will get their callback invite before they leave the building, we will do our best to get the remaining invites out before end of day Saturday. 


  • FAQ:

    • There will be Equity and Non Equity Contracts 

    • EMC points will be given

    • We need everyone to be FULLY VACCINATED to be considered for hire. This includes two vaccines and a booster. 



The REV Theatre Company is proud to affirm and accelerate its commitment to equality, diversity and inclusivity, ensuring that our workforce, stages and boardroom reflect our dedication to social and racial equality. As a united staff and board, we promise to continue to promote an environment that is truly equitable as an ongoing and intentional process of self-examination, accountability and action. Black lives matter. The REV Theatre Company actively encourages and practices non-traditional casting to expand opportunities for all ethnicities, women, senior performers and performers with disabilities. 


​The REV is fiercely committed to the health and safety of its employees and audiences. The REV employed over 200 artists last season without a single case of infection or transmission. This year, The REV will once again promote a fully vaccinated workplace and an environment defined by rigorous health and safety protocols. Proof of vaccination will be required. The REV employs a comprehensive health and safety plan to support and inform all of its procedures and protocols within the climate of the pandemic reviewed and vetted by Cayuga County Department of Health, NY Department of Labor, AEA, USA, AFM and SDC. The REV has made significant investments to its HVAC systems in the Playhouse including duct purification systems and UVC purification fans which eliminate 99.9% of all airborne viruses including the virus that causes Covid-19.  


"EVITA :  Rehearsal Date:  5/18   Opening Date:  5/31     Closing Date: 6/20

"Into the Woods"Rehearsal Date: 6/22  Opening Date: 7/5  Closing Date: 7/25


Equity:  LOA to COST. $700 AEA Minimum/week + Health + Pension, Housing and Travel  

Non Equity Contract: $600 weekly plus housing and travel.

Please audition ONLY if these dates and terms are agreeable to you.

Please clear any/all conflicts with Flores Casting prior to your audition

Thank you!


DIRECTOR AUDITIONS 1/27: You are welcome to sing from the show(s) (32 bars) or choose a 32 bar cut of a song of your choice in the same style. Dramatic contemporary musical theatre or Sondheim. Please bring sheet music and your music book.



  • DATES:  Friday, January 27th (Director Audition) and Tuesday, January 31st (Callbacks)

  • LOCATION: Madilyn Clark Studios 10852 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood


    • Please email a copy of your vaccination card BEFORE your audition date

    • We will all be wearing masks and ask that you do as well until you read and sing. You are of course more than welcome to keep your mask on throughout if this is more comfortable for you. 

    • We are scheduling appointments with some space in between so the lobby is not crowded and you feel safer; however, if you would rather wait outside, please just let us know and check in often so we don't have to track you down. 

    • Please fill out and bring an updated copy of your Contact Sheet with you 


    • Brett Smock (Artistic Director/Director)

    • ​Julia Flores (Casting Director)

    • Kodi Jackman (Casting Assistant/Reader)

    • Ryan Fielding-Garrett (Accompanist)


    • Callbacks will be on 1/31 (same location). 

    • There is specific callback audition material, so please check the DB file:

    • Although most actors will get their callback invite before they leave the building, we will do our best to get the remaining invites out before end of day Saturday. 



EVA: 20 to 30 years old. Character identifies as Female. Latine. Eva's family was French and Spanish. Plays 15 to 33 years old; an actress turned wife and ambitious political partner of Argentina President, Juan Peron. Star presence. A chameleon. Powerful, manipulative, charismatic, feminine, sensual, and stoic. Requires a wide range of emotion – and vocal stamina. Mezzo with a strong, high belt who dances or moves very well; Low E below middle C to high G.


CHE GUEVARA: 28 to 38 years old. Character identifies as Male. Latine. A passionate, revolutionary figure. Che is the narrator and formidable antagonist to Eva Peron. Must have powerful command, physical stamina and vocal endurance to withstand the demands of the role. Charismatic rock tenor – Low Bb to high Bb to F5 in falsetto.


JUAN PERON: 40 to 55 years old. Character identifies as Male. Latine. Peron is a prominent officer who becomes the President of Argentina; Stately, charismatic and charming; Can play warm and sympathetic to chilly and threatening. Legit baritone with a powerful voice and commanding actor. Low A to high F#.


MAGALDI: 30 to 45 years old. Character identifies as Male. Latine. A tango singer and Eva's first love interest. A sense of used car salesman to him. Track doubles as ensemble. High baritone or tenor – Middle C to high G. Must move well.


MISTRESS: 20 to 29 years old, all ethnicities. Character identifies as Female. To play 16-20; an innocent-looking young woman; must have a sweet-sounding high mix; doubles as ensemble; high mix/belt; Low A to E.

ENSEMBLE: Non Union Latine or ethnically diverse Singer/Dancer/Actors. All genders, all backgrounds, all types are encouraged to audition.


THE WITCH: 40 to 55 years old. Character identifies as Female. All ethnicities. Mezzo-Soprano with strong, powerful belt. Wicked, spiteful, and stunning. A magical diva. While she is antagonistic and narcissistic, she has moments of vulnerability, wisdom, and empathy. Star presence and terrific comedic skills.


CINDERELLA: 20 to 30 years old. Character identifies as Female. All ethnicities. Strong Mezzo-Soprano. An earnest and open hearted young woman who longs for something greater outside of her miserable household. She adapts to her surroundings very easily and emerges into herself with determination and bravery.


RAPUNZEL'S PRINCE: 20 to 30 years old. Character identifies as Male. All ethnicities. Lyric baritone. Brother to Cinderella’s prince. Competitive against his brother and in love with Rapunzel. Vain and selfish. Strong comedic skills.

WOLF/CINDERELLA’S PRINCE: 20 to 30 years old. Character identifies as Male. All ethnicities. Lyric baritone. A suave and charismatic wolf determined to capture his prey. The prince is good-looking and charming but also cunning and greedy. Full of himself and magnetic in every way. Physically agile and a terrific comedian.

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