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"Catch Me If You Can" and "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"

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  • 3/10: 12:45

  • 2/17: 12:20pm

    • We need everyone to be FULLY VACCINATED to be considered for hire. This includes two vaccines and a booster. 

  • 1/17: 5pm

    • Non Equity weekly salary will be $500​

    • Housing will be private bedroom in shared housing.

  • 1/17: 4:00pm

    • Please read through the information below before emailing us. with your question(s) We so appreciate it! If you're not getting an emailed response, it means that your question is already answered here. 

  • FAQ:

    • There will be Equity and Non Equity Contracts 

    • EMC points will be given



The REV Theatre Company is proud to affirm and accelerate its commitment to equality, diversity and inclusivity, ensuring that our workforce, stages and boardroom reflect our dedication to social and racial equality. As a united staff and board, we promise to continue to promote an environment that is truly equitable as an ongoing and intentional process of self-examination, accountability and action. Black lives matter. The REV Theatre Company actively encourages and practices non-traditional casting to expand opportunities for all ethnicities, women, senior performers and performers with disabilities. 


​The REV is fiercely committed to the health and safety of its employees and audiences. The REV employed over 200 artists last season without a single case of infection or transmission. This year, The REV will once again promote a fully vaccinated workplace and an environment defined by rigorous health and safety protocols. Proof of vaccination will be required. The REV employs a comprehensive health and safety plan to support and inform all of its procedures and protocols within the climate of the pandemic reviewed and vetted by Cayuga County Department of Health, NY Department of Labor, AEA, USA, AFM and SDC. The REV has made significant investments to its HVAC systems in the Playhouse including duct purification systems and UVC purification fans which eliminate 99.9% of all airborne viruses including the virus that causes Covid-19.  


"Catch Me If You Can" :  Rehearsal Date(s): 05/26/22  Opening Date(s): 06/08/22  Closing Date(s): 06/28/22

"The Hunchback of Notre Dame"Rehearsal Date(s): 06/30/2022   Opening Date(s): 07/13/2022   Closing Date(s): 08/02/2022


Equity: 2021 min: $669 / week + Health + Pension

Non Equity Contract: Weekly salary will be $500​

Housing will be private bedroom in shared housing


Please submit your video audition ONLY if these dates and terms are agreeable to you.

Please clear any/all conflicts with Flores Casting prior to your audition

Thank you!



  • LOCATION: Madilyn Clark Studios 10852 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood


    • Please email a copy of your vaccination card BEFORE your audition date

    • We will all be wearing masks and ask that you do as well until you read and sing. You are of course more than welcome to keep your mask on throughout if this is more comfortable for you. 

    • We are scheduling appointments with some space in between so the lobby is not crowded and you feel safer; however, if you would rather wait outside, please just let Kelley know and check in often so she doesn't have to track you down. 

    • Please fill out and bring an updated copy of your Contact Sheet with you (less pen sharing)


    • Brett Smock (Artistic Director/Director)

    • Jeff Theiss (Music Director for HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME) 

    • ​Julia Flores (Casting Director)

    • Kelley Dorney (Casting Assistant/Reader)

    • Ryan O'Connell (Accompanist)

  • DUE DATE:  Our due date for Video Auditions was 1/31 and, as of now, we will only be accepting video auditions requested by Flores Casting.

    • Upload audition video to Eco Cast all in one link please 

  • Audition Material: 

  • Please include:

    • Headshot and Resume​

    • Contact Sheet (can be found in Dropbox folder listed above)

    • Requested audition material 



Portrayed onscreen by Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio, and based on the unbelievable true story of one of the most famous con artists in history, Frank Abagnale Jr., Catch Me If You Can is a rousing musical set during the jet age of the 60s. Frank runs away from his unhappy home to live a life of great adventure, conning people by assuming a multitude of identities: airline pilot, doctor, and lawyer, to name a few. When the FBI catches on, Frank not only eludes capture but revels in the pursuit. A fast, rollicking musical by the creative team behind Hairspray; Catch Me If You Can tells the tale of an ingenious boy looking for his place in the world.


20 to 32 years old, all ethnicities male. Star presence. A youthful, handsome con artist; a master of deception and reinvention; extremely charming and magnetic. Broken by his parents’ divorce, and desperate for their reunion, Frank lives life on the run – carrying out a fantastic collision course of frenzy, charm, disillusion and undeniable showmanship. An excellent triple threat and an incredible tenor to C5. Must be able to move very, very well.



35 to 50 years old, all ethnicities male. The FBI agent leading the investigation and search for Frank Jr.; a habitual workaholic obsessed with catching Frank Jr.; behind his sardonic, tough guy exterior, Carl lives a private life of loneliness and depression; smart, funny, empathetic and moral. Excellent triple threat – must move very, very well. Baritone to G4.


40 to 58 years old, all ethnicities male. Frank Jr.’s father; an inspiration when it comes to swindling; desperately upbeat, he undergoes a series of progressive failures that leaves him a destitute drunk; adores his son and misses his wife – yearns for the family unit to be whole once again. 
Great actor adept at jazz vocal stylings. Smooth baritone to G#4.



40 to 55 years old, all ethnicities female. Frank Jr.’s gorgeous, stylish mother; met Frank Sr. in France, during the war, but has fallen out of love and is pursuing other men; not unloving, but lacks deep maternal instincts; likable with an unapologetic self-concern. Excellent triple threat with physical command and a great French accent. Mezzo w/ strong belt and mix -- A3-C5.



20 to 32 years old, all ethnicities female. A smart, hard-working young nurse. Self-possessed and finds herself falling in love with Frank Jr. Their relationship changes both of them forever. She is a source of light, love, fun and inspiration for Frank. Great actor/singer with pop belt -- G3-A5. Must move very well.



Based on the Victor Hugo novel, with an Academy Award nominated score with songs from the brilliant minds behind Broadway’s Newsies, Beauty & the Beast, Pippin & Wicked, this sweeping score and powerful story create a night of magical theatre. In 15th century Paris, deformed bellringer Quasimodo yearns to explore life beyond the confines of Notre Dame. When he encounters a beautiful gypsy, his sights are set. However, she becomes the focus of several men and as they vie for her attention, an epic battle erupts begging the question — what is a man and what is a monster? Prepare to be mesmerized by the power and spectacle of this unforgettable musical.


20 to 35 years old, all ethnicities male. The deformed bell-ringer of Notre Dame. Upon his father’s death, he is left the charge of Claude Frollo who confines him to the bell tower of the famous Cathedral. Lonely but in possession of a vivid imagination that brings to life the bells and gargoyles of the Cathedral. Despite his limitations, shyness and uncertainty, he quickly befriends Esmeralda. Big-hearted, and brave when need be. A powerful actor/singer with superb physical prowess and agility. Excellent pop tenor to Bb.



40 to 60 years old, all ethnicities male. Archdeacon of Notre Dame Cathedral and the most powerful cleric in Paris, he is the reluctant caretaker of Quasimodo. On a mission to eradicate the city of the Roma “vermin,” while chasing the elusive and resistant Esmeralda. Calculating, manipulative, and obsessive. Excellent actor/singer with power and command. Bass to D4.


25 to 32 years old, all ethnicities female. A beautiful and free-spirited Romani woman with a keen sense of justice and morality. Compassionate and full of humanity, she yearns to see her people freed of persecution and able to endure a better life. Befriends and protects Quasimodo. Falls in love with Phoebus. Must be an excellent triple threat – this role must dance – with a great pop belt to Db.


30 to 40 years old, all ethnicities male. Returning to Paris after serving in the war, Phoebus takes up his new position as Captain of the Cathedral Guard. Overconfident yet charming, this handsome, strong soldier makes the ladies swoon, yet his moral compass is also strong, and he openly defies the corrupted Frollo. Excellent actor with both dramatic and comedic range and a commanding pop tenor to Ab.