The REV Theatre Company

Audition Information for: 42nd Street and Footloose


It is wonderful to be working together again. It makes my heart happy knowing that, very soon,

you will be live onstage once again.


I have had the honor of working with Brett Smock and The REV for the last three seasons and every one of the Artists I have cast has had a wonderful experience. I look forward to sharing your work with Brett for one (or more!) of their upcoming shows.


Below are all of the details we have as of now.

Any updated or additional information will be posted here, so please check back.


If you have any additional questions (after reading through the below), please feel free to email directly


Looking forward to sharing this new adventure with you!

~With Gratitude Always, Julia Flores

NOTE: You are always welcome to reach out directly with any questions/issues; however, please read through the information below BEFORE you email. Thank you!




The newest information will be listed at the top.

We will also date and time any new details so that you know you have the most current information. CHECK BACK OFTEN TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE CURRENT DETAILS. 

  • 5/4: 9:25am


      • "42nd Street " choreography is silent on purpose so that Brett can hear exact tap sounds and specific rhythm changes.  Without being in a room to test this is the only way we can check for impeccably clean sounds.  ​

      • "Footloose" music is now in the Dropbox. You will start 2 minutes into the song. HAPPY FEET!

      • Deadline is still Monday, 5/10

  • 5/3: 12:45pm

    • Please look at camera for sides and song.

  • 4/30: 6:20pm 

* Skip songs within requested sides unless they are a required vocal side. Thank you!

* VIDEO DEADLINE: Ideally we get your videos asap, but the deadline is Monday, May 10th.

* ENSEMBLE: We are looking for strong actors who also sing and dance. Make choices and be specific within your lyrics, text and dance. 


  • Video Auditions will be by Invitation via Eco Cast and will all be viewed.

  • If you do not receive an invite, you are welcome to submit a video and we will do our very best to view your work. Due to the very quick turnaround, we may not get to all unsolicited videos.

  • There are Equity and Non Equity Contracts

  • You may audition for more than one role.

A Special Note from The REV:

The REV is excited to offer employment opportunities in an effort to get theatre people working again! To that end, The REV Theatre Company is proud to affirm and accelerate its commitment to equality, diversity and inclusivity, ensuring that our workforce, stages and boardroom reflect our dedication to social and racial equality.  As a united staff and board, we promise to promote an environment that is truly equitable as an ongoing and intentional process of self-examination, accountability and action.  Black lives matter.





The REV Theatre Company will promote a fully vaccinated workplace for the entirety of its 2021 season.  All employees will be required to show proof of vaccination and will undergo bi-weekly testing.


The REV is fiercely committed to the health and safety of its employees and audiences. 

The REV has employed over 100 artists to date without a single case of infection or transmission. 

The REV employs a comprehensive health and safety plan to support and inform all of its procedures and protocols within the climate of the pandemic, reviewed and vetted by Cayuga County Department of Health, NY Department of Labor, AEA, USA, AFM and SDC. 


The REV has made significant investments to its HVAC systems in the Playhouse and will not only employ duct purification systems and UVC fans to filter and deliver purified air into the venue but will also open panels along the sides of the Playhouse in an effort to temporarily enjoy the Playhouse’s original form as an outdoor venue for the 2021 season. 


All NYS rules and regulations will be strictly followed. 


More information about The REV’s commitment to health and safety can be found here:   


42nd St:   First reh 6/17     Opens 6/30    Closes 7/28

Footloose:  First reh 7/22    Opens 8/4    Closes 9/1


EQUITY ARTISTS: AEA LOA to COST.  AEA minimum: $669/wk.  Health, pension, transportation, and housing provided.


NON EQUITY ARTISTS: Non equity performers receive competitive salary (approximately $400 weekly), housing and EMC points.

Please submit an audition video ONLY if the dates and health and safety terms above are agreeable to you. Thank you!



All Material (Script, Sides, Sheet Music, Music Tracks and Actor Contact Sheet) are available via Dropbox: 


  • Video Auditions will be by Invitation via Eco Cast and all will be viewed.

    • If you do not receive an invite, you are welcome to submit a video and we will do our very best to view your work. Due to the very quick turnaround, we may not get to all unsolicited videos.


  • Please look over all details above (contract, dates, health and safety, etc.) and clear any/all conflicts with Flores Casting before submitting a video.


  • Video Info:

    • Eco Cast upload max per link is 500MB.

    • Please upload each side separately and each vocal side separately (i.e. Side 1 link, Side 2 link, Vocal side link, choreography link, etc.)

    • Full body Slate please (sides and song can be at ¾ frame)

    • Requested Sides

    • Requested Vocal Sides (Sheet music with piano track provided for those asked to sing from show material)

    • Completed Contact Sheet

    • If applicable or requested, choreography video

    • We will only accept videos with the requested audition material.



  • If you do not use Eco Cast, then please:

    • Email videos using only the following services: Youtube, Dropbox, Vimeo. We will not view videos from any other sources.

    • All videos must be sent before May 11st.

    • Please email your PICTURE AND RESUME along with your video link. We would appreciate not having to email you for this...





20 – 29.  Triple threat and an expert tapper.  A versatile and charismatic ‘new kid on the block’ chasing her big break.  A smart and versatile actor with a great belt.  A star presence full of optimism, warmth and innocence.



25 – 35.  Triple threat.  Powerful tenor with killer feet.  Funny, charming and chock full of style and slick.



50s.  Broadway director.  Powerful presence, commanding actor who moves well.  Tough, jaded but warm.  A grounded, commanding actor with a powerful baritone.



40s-50s.  Excellent actor with terrific comedic chops.  Star presence, diva w/ great style, commanding, adept at navigating heightened comedy and warm sincerity with style.  Must move very well.



30s/40s.  Funny, broad, big belt.  Show stopper with a nose for broad comedy and style.



30s/40s.  Charming, funny actor who sings and moves well. 



Late 20s/30s.  Wise-cracking, flirtatious, tough but lovable triple threat.  Big belt, great feet, star presence.



30s.  Efficient, tough, but caring dance director.  Terrific, commanding presence.  Strong vocals. Expert tapper. 




A team of true triple threats.  Magnetic, athletic, versatile actors with great voices and terrific stage presence.  Pristine tappers.  Performers who are adept at navigating the style of the period.  Physically strong and able to endure a very demanding dance show. 





20’s. Must play a believable teenager. Rebellious, magnetic, sincere, honest and hugely likeable.  Terrific pop/rock tenor with falsetto.  Must dance or move extremely well.  Smart, commanding actor able to navigate comedic and dramatic content with intelligence and heart.  Star presence.

20’s. Must play a believable teenager.  Rebellious, complicated, fun-loving and sensitive.  Physically comfortable and commanding actor with a terrific pop/rock belt.  Must dance or move extremely well.


Late 40s – 50s.  Spiritual leader and powerful influence in the town.  Navigating his own grief and struggling to maintain control of his pulpit and his family.  Excellent singer/actor who moves well.  Great baritone with command and great charisma.


20’s. Must play a believable high school student.  Bari-Tenor. A smart, very funny actor adept at physical comedy.  Lovable, loyal, a bit dim and shy around Rusty.  Full of heart.  Must move well.  Great pop bari-tenor. 



Late 40s – early 50s. Despite living in her husband’s shadow, she is strong, perceptive, adept at navigating a challenging course with love and compassion.  Powerful presence and heart of the Moore family. 



20’s. FEMALE. Must play a believable high school student. Wise cracking, fun-loving motor mouth.  Full of quirks and shy around Willard. Powerful belt. Must dance well.



20’s. Must play a believable high school student.  Great rock tenor.  Ariel’s boyfriend and the town bad boy.  Demanding, possessive and jealous, but also charismatic. 



20’s. Must be able to play high school students. Athletic and energetic. Strong technique in all disciplines, charismatic, unique personalities, great stage presence and stamina.